Summer Storage

In an effort to better serve the students of UW-Stout, University Housing will offer storage over the summer for students who will be living in
Fleming-Hovlid Hall, North Hall, and Red Cedar Hall in the fall of 2015. Storage costs are as little as $10-$15 per week for the entire summer!


Benefits of summer storage are:

  1. You will not have to move your belongings home in May and back to UW-Stout in the fall.

  2. You will not have to find ways to transport your belongings when moving home and back.

  3. You will not have to deal with “move-in rush” in the fall.

Any student that will be living in one of the buildings listed above in the fall of 2015 can sign up to store their belongings in the room they are signed up to live in. Please note that storage is not an option in Red Cedar if the current resident is staying for the summer.

Due to renovations and summer camps & conferences, storage is not available in Antrim-Froggatt-McCalmont and Wigen Hall.

Students who do not currently live in rooms that they are signed up for are responsible for:

  • Waiting until the current residents are checked out of the room by Housing Staff before they move their belongings in for summer storage.

  • Finding out when the current residents are leaving (which may be the last day of finals).

  • Not exchanging keys with the current residents as Housing Staff must manage all key handling.

Storage Restrictions:

  • Students may only utilize their assigned room for storage space.

  • Students can only store their own belongings.

  • No food items are allowed to be stored over the summer.

  • Refrigerators/freezers must be emptied and clean, unless students are staying for the summer.

  • Fish tanks must be emptied and cleaned.

  • No electrical devices may be plugged in.

  • Students must leave access to windows.

  • A charge of $40 will be assessed for each student entry into a room during the summer.

Rates for summer storage in Fleming-Hovlid Hall and North Hall:


Total Summer Cost

Double/Triple Room storage

$150.00 per resident

Single Room storage


Rate for summer storage in Red Cedar Hall:

Total Summer Cost

Storage in Bedroom Only


Red Cedar Bedroom Storage
Students may
only utilize their assigned bedroom (A, B, C or D) for storage space, leaving access to windows. Charge for bedroom storage will be assessed to the individual.

Special Note:
University Housing cannot guarantee storage for students moving within or to Red Cedar Hall until May 2nd. A list of rooms not available for storage, due to summer occupancy, will be posted on the University Housing website on May 1st. Students in Red Cedar Hall wanting to stay past May 15th must submit a summer housing reservation by April 30th, 2015.

Please note that summer storage rooms will not be traditionally cleaned but that custodial and maintenance teams will enter rooms to clean windows, shampoo reachable carpet and perform routine repairs.

To sign up, students can obtain a Summer Storage contract by clicking the icon below, filling out a contract and submitting it to University Housing by Monday, May 4

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