North campus students receive their mail at their residence hall desk. Mail for students living on south campus is distributed at Price Commons. To receive mail on campus, please ask those you correspond with to address mail to you as outlined below:

Room number and residence hall
Street address
Menomonie, WI 54751

Following is the street address for each of our residence halls:

1015 Third Street E

1105 Third Street E

Fleming-Hovlid Hall
220 Second Street W

1215 Third Street E

Red Cedar Hall
201 Second Street W

South Hall
115 Thirteenth Avenue E

Wigen Hall
106 First Avenue W

U.S. mail is delivered to each distribution center once a day; mail is typically distributed by Noon daily (except Sunday). U.S. mail is processed before campus mail. Campus mail must be addressed with the receiver's name and campus address; students sending campus mail should allow at least two full days for distribution. Parcel post delivery time varies.

All registered mail, insured mail, and packages must be signed for by the receiver to protect the property of students. Students who suspect they are not receiving all their mail should report to the person in charge of their mail distribution center immediately.

The "stuffing" of mailboxes is limited to essential information from Academic and Student Affairs Division and the Administrative and Student Life Services Division of the University. Mass campus mailings will be processed for a fee (contact Martin Fritz at ext. 3703).

Students leaving the residence halls should ensure that the University has their correct address on file.  To update your address, navigate to the University Address Update form.

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