TO History

tustison_headshot_1Francis F. Tustison is credited with developing the four-year program in physics and mathematics at Stout. He was also known in the field of industrial education for his job sheets in home mechanics and for several books.

"Tusty", as he was better known, liked to give the impression of being tough. His colleagues enjoyed telling the story of his alleged glass eye. It was said one could always tell which was the glass eye because if Tusty was told a sad story, the glass eye was the one that cried.

Tustison retired as a full professor of math and physics in 1951.

Tustison Hall was dedicated in 1966.

oetting_headshot_1Erich Oetting
was the first dean of the school of education. He was responsible for organizing and developing its curriculum and program of professional courses leading to degrees in several teaching majors. His considerable experience as a teacher, principal, and superintendent prepared him well to develop teacher education at Stout.

After 24 years on the faculty, Erich Oetting retired in 1969 with the title dean emeritus.

Oetting Hall was dedicated in 1970. 

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