Weekends @ Stout

We hear rumors that Stout is a "suitcase college" and that "no one stays here on weekends." That's simply not true! According to a survey we did, 75% of our students stay on campus two or more weekends each month. And 55% of our students stay here three or more weekends - that's over HALF of our residents that are here most of the time!

Our students stay here on weekends because there are a lot of social and recreational opportunities for them. They can attend sporting events (or participate in them), see movies, enjoy a comedian or musician, go to the theatre, go biking on the Red Cedar trail, hike at Hoffman Hills State Recreation Park, or take a day trip to one of the many nearby attractions. We also have special event weekends - Homecoming, Family Weekend, etc., which are all great fun! In addition, many students have a part-time job on campus or in the area.

Be sure to visit the Blue Devil Productions site for all the most current happenings on campus. 

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