JTC History

jeter_headshot_1Lillian Jeter came to Stout in 1927 as a supervisor of student teachers in the area of home economics related to clothing and textiles. She served in that capacity for 34 years until her retirement in 1961.

Jeter Hall was dedicated in 1963.

tainter_headshot_1Andrew Tainter settled in Menomonie in 1846 to get involved in the lumber business along the Red Cedar River, eventually becoming a partner in the Knapp, Stout and Co., Company. Tainter was not only a businessman, but a philanthropist as well. In 1890, he donated the Mabel Tainter Theatre to the city of Menomonie in memory of his daughter, Mabel, who died at the age of 19.

Captain Tainter's wife, Bertha, inherited the estate upon his death. She then sold the property to James Stout for the purpose of converting it into a women's dormitory. These two large houses, known as Tainter Hall and Bertha Tainter Annex, were later torn down to make way for what is now the Jeter-Tainter-Callahan complex.

callahan_headshot_1Gertrude Callahan came to Stout in 1928 as chair of the English department. Callahan's students held a great respect for her serious concern for literature and succinct writing. She retired in 1961 as meritus professor of English after 33 years of service to Stout.

Callahan Hall was dedicated in 1965.

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