AFM History

antrim_headshot_1Sara Keturah "Kit" Antrim served as director of women's physical education from 1936 until 1964.

Antrim was a true believer in physical education, especially for women. She felt that good posture was especially important. In her freshman physical education classes, Antrim would take pictures of each female student at both the beginning and end of the semester to determine the amount of progress they had made on their posture.

Antrim also served as dean of women for 19 years until her retirement in 1974, with the title professor emeritus. After her retirement, she married and became Mrs. E. A. Anderson.

Antrim Hall was dedicated in 1966.

froggatt_headshot_1Lillian M. Froggatt served as Stout's head librarian for 32 years. Froggatt was a high school teacher for several years and also taught library methods at Oshkosh State College before coming to Stout Institution in 1924.

Froggatt exhibited a stern appearance, characteristic of librarians of her day, to maintain a quiet atmosphere in the library. She retired in 1955.

Froggatt Hall was dedicated in 1966. 

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