The Next Experience

The Next Experience residence halls continue University Housing's mission to serve students' development by providing residents with an environment that enhances their ability to successfully navigate transitions. The Next Experience program specifically assists 2nd year college students in their development of interdependence and mature interpersonal relationships, and assists students in their 3rd year and beyond in their development of purpose and identity.

In The Next Experience students are encouraged to develop:

    • Responsibility, Ownership, and Civility
    • Mature Personal Interactions though Interdependence
      •  Interpersonal Skills
      •  Communication skills
      •  Conflict management skills
      •  Value of each person's uniqueness
    • The Ability to Manage Transitions
      •  Skills for career and professional life
      •  Knowledge and skills to successfully live life both off campus and after college
    • The Ability to Evaluate and Reflect
      •  Critical thinking skills
      •  Ability to observe and reach conclusions
The Next Experience!

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