Tainter Hall Loft Guidelines

Students living in Tainter Hall may construct a loft in their room if they desire. UW-Stout assumes no risk or responsibility for accidents resulting from student-built structures. All bunk beds and lofts must meet the guidelines below:

  • All structures must be “free standing”. Pressure lofts/bunks are not allowed. Lofts and bunks must be designed and built with enough stability for the structure to stand without using the walls and/or ceiling for support.
  • loft_build_1loft_buildThe distance from the top of the mattress to the ceiling must be at least 25".
  • Bunks and lofts may not be constructed across the window(s).
  • There must be a path of egress 30" wide and 72" high from the door to the window (State of Wisconsin fire code).
  • Bookshelves, desk, and dressers may not be used structurally as building components.
  • All University furnishings must stay in the student's room. Residents may not store furniture in other locations.
  • Structures must be taken down when the owner leaves the room and at the end of each academic year and may not be stored in the buildings over the summer.

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