We would like to think that our department is one of the most people-centric departments on campus. We focus on not only the job but also on career training and continuation of your personal goals while employed with us.

"Community" is one of our biggest buzz words in the department and it shows. Employees from the bottom all the way up to our director are on a first name basis. Open door policies allow easy access the the answers employees need and attention they deserve.

Student workers such as DSMs, RAs, ARCs, and Desk Staff have the opportunity to build relationships with their managers not as just a "boss" but as a mentor. Creating life-long relationships that not only look good on a resume but make you a stronger person as well as you enter the world of work.

Promotion from within is popular with most companies today. Applying for one of our student leader positions is a great way to get your foot in the door early if you are interested in a career in higher education (the benefits are great!)

If you are interested in other jobs at the university please visit Employment at UW-Stout site.

The University of Wisconsin-Stout is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer committed to diversity in its people and programs

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