Our Commitment

University Housing has a long history of supporting all kinds of diversity and providing inclusive living environments where all students are welcome. We hope that your experience in the residence halls allows you to meet a lot of new people from a variety of backgrounds. We also hope that you find the residence halls to be a comfortable and accepting environment.

Some things we do

So how do we accomplish this? Well, we have tried to weave diversity throughout everything we do. It is part of our mission statement, our staff training programs, our activity planning, our committee structure, our living options, etc. Here is a short list of some of those things:

  • Housing Diversity Committee
  • Boxes & Walls program
  • Safe Space workshops
  • RA training programs
  • Diversity Manual (staff resource)
  • Select movies as part of our DVD check-out program
  • LGBT Awareness Month activities
  • Collaboration with other groups and departments (Multicultural Student Services, SSA Diversity Director, Ally Center, LGBTQ Inclusivity Committee, etc.)
  • Poster series
  • Program resources for staff and students


Here are some links to other campus diversity resources:

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