Community Standards

As in every community, University Housing has specific rules and regulations, as well as general guidelines of good citizenship and responsible behavior.  The policies are developed to help students understand the expectations of the University Community in order to obtain the maximum benefits from their educational experience.

Housing's conduct system is the process used to hold students accountable when a student's behavior infringes upon the rights of others, is illegal, or violates residence hall policies. It is the mechanism used to support the rights of individuals and balance them with the community environment.

The goals of the Conduct System are to:

  1. Facilitate an environment conducive to living and learning.
  2. Allow students to learn from each other about how their behavior affects others.
  3. Protect the rights of all students.
  4. Hold students accountable for their actions.
  5. Provide students and staff members with a uniform conduct process.

By virtue of enrollment, all students enter into an agreement with the University that they will abide by the institution's rules and regulations and will observe the standards expected of students.  Through the Housing Contract, a student further agrees to abide by University Housing Code of Conduct.

Specific policy information on University Housing polices is available at Housing Policies.

Based on students' dual citizenship in the campus community and in the city/county/state communities, disciplinary processes may run simultaneously with sanctions occurring as part of both the city/county/state courts and University Housing conduct system.

For more questions, see our FAQ PDF.

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