Staff Phone Listing

All phone numbers begin with 715-232-xxxx

Name Title / Address Office Number
Main Office University Housing x1121
Sandi Scott Duex
Martin Fritz Associate Director x3703
Amy McGovern Assistant Director x2352
Ann Hoffman Assistant Director x2353
Jerry Duncanson
Senior Facilities Planner
Bev Biggart Program Associate x3182
Kristie Olson Program Associate x1549
Dawn Uetz Program Associate x1569
RHA Office 171 Price Commons x1268
Housing Design 181 Price Commons

All phone numbers begin with 715-232-xxxx

Residence Halls Title Hall Desk Office
Hannah Bendroth
AFM Hall Director x1331 x3496
Sarah Snyder
CK Hall Directorx2785 x3198
Adam Ludwig
Fleming-Hovlid Hall Director x2101 x2783
Whitney Schmeling
HK Hall Director x1154 x2983
Tyler DS Edwards
MC Hall Director x1154 x5997
Henry Craft
North Hall Director x2201 x3284
Ben Markl Red Cedar Hall Director x1440 x1688
Dana Fritz
South Hall Director x1262 x3191
Holly Rice
TO Hall Director x2785 x1937
Rochelle Holmes
Wigen Hall Director x1451 x3492

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