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> Cable TV

All of our buildings offer televisions in various lounges on the floor or in the basement. Plus, each room in the residence hall is equipped with the ability to plug your TV in with the proper equipment and receive the channels listed below:

> Computer Connections

In the residence halls, each room is equipped with high speed data jacks that provide 100 Mbps connections to our network. Wireless connections are also available throughout the buildings. 

For computer issues or concerns, contact Ask5000 Technology Helpdesk at x5000.


> Dining

Learn more about the food services available on campus, including assistance with special or unique needs, by visiting the University Dining Services page.



> DVD Program

Residents can check out a DVD from any hall front desk. With over 750+ DVDs to choose from and each end of campus having a copy, residents can easily access and enjoy. The titles are also periodically rotated between buildings to change up viewing options. Replacement fees are charged for DVDs not returned within the checkout period.

Watch for your chance to vote on new movies during the academic year when approximately 15 new titles are added every other month.

South Campus
North Hall
South Hall
North Campus
Red Cedar
1,000s & 2,000s
Wigen3,000s & 4,000s
DVD Lists: Alphabetical | Numerical | New [PDFs]                     

Updated 3/30/15



> Facilities

Our halls are cleaned and maintained by staff from the University Housing Custodial department. Each residence hall has one or two custodians assigned to clean public areas like bathrooms, hallways, stairwells and basements. You need to do your part to keep these areas clean because maintaining a clean environment is everyone's responsibility.

Bathrooms are cleaned regularly according to a schedule determined by the building. We encourage students not to enter the bathrooms while the custodian is cleaning and to use a restroom on another floor.

Maintenance items needing attention in your room or hall can be submitted here.


> Bed Bug Free

Over the past few years, bed bugs have become more prevalent in the United States, and residence halls are no exception. To reassure students and families, University Housing hired Wil-Kil Pest Control to do a complete check of all our residence halls to verify the absence of bed bugs at opening each fall.


> Front Desk Services (Items Available for Check-Out)

Each residence hall has a front desk which provides hall and campus information, equipment check-out (including DVDs), access to specialty rooms, cleaning supplies (vacuums and garbage bags), loan key check-out and public area reservation services.

During the academic year, open desk hours are:

Monday-Friday:  9 am until Midnight
Saturday & Sunday:1 pm until Midnight


> Laundry & Refunds

At least one laundry room exists in each hall and comes equipped washers and dryers. Students must provide their own laundry supplies and use their campus ID account to operate. Washers and dryers cost $1.00 each use cycle which is deducted from your Baseline Plus account.

We encourage not to leave your laundry unattended as the University assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen articles.

Problems:  Please report malfunctions with washers and/or dryers by going to

Refunds:  If your machine malfunctions, complete this online Vending & Laundry Refund. Refunds will be credited to your Baseline Plus account.

> Mail

South campus residents (most first year students) receive their mail at Price Commons. North campus students receive their mail in mailboxes near their residence hall desk. 

Please have mail addressed to you like this:
Room Number and Residence Hall
Street Address
Menomonie, WI 54751

AFM: Antrim-Froggatt-McCalmont
1015 3rd St E
Red Cedar Hall
201 2nd St W
CKTO: Curran-Kranzusch
1105 3rd St E
South Hall
115 13th Ave E
FH: Fleming-Hovlid Hall
220 2nd St W
 Wigen Hall
106 1st Ave W
HKMC: Hansen-Keith
1215 3rd St E

U.S. mail is delivered daily and typically distributed by Noon, except Sunday. U.S. mail is processed before campus mail. All registered mail, insured mail and packages must be signed for by the receiver to protect the property of students. Students who suspect they are not receiving all their mail should immediately report to the Housing Office, 170 Price Commons, on south campus or the front desks on north campus. 

Students leaving the residence halls should ensure that the University has their correct address on file. To update your address, navigate to the University Address Update form.

Campus Mail

Campus mail must be addressed with the receiver's name and campus address; students sending campus mail should allow at least two full days for distribution. Parcel post delivery time varies.

Flyers in Mailboxes

The "stuffing" of flyers in mailboxes is limited to essential information from Academic and Student Affairs Division and the Administrative and Student Life Services Division of the University. Mass campus mailings will be processed for a fee (contact Martin Fritz, Associate Director, Housing at ext. 3703).



> Printing & Photocopying

Every residence hall has a computer print station located on the lower level.  Residents can carry their laptop down to connect and print. Laser printers and scanners are also provided in each area free of charge; however, you will need to furnish your own paper. 
This equipment is for any class-related activity and may not be used for commercial purposes. 

Photo Copying

The Memorial Student Center has photocopying services that can be paid for utilizing a Baseline Plus accounts on your ID card.


> Vending Machines & Refunds

Snack and beverage vending is located in the lower level of all residence halls. A portion of the proceeds from these machines supports Residence Hall Association and its activities.

We encourage students to report malfunctions and problems with vending machines to the front desk staff (and advise students to please not attempt to fix the machine themselves). If your machine malfunctions, you may complete a refund slip online by visiting the Vending & Laundry Refunds page; refunds will be credited to your Baseline Plus account.


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