South Hall

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"Parking lot watch...kinda like a time-lapsed movie!"

South Hall residents can look forward to being a part of a determined community of first year students in a living and learning environment that encourages student success. The Stoutward Bound and ASPIRE Living Learning Communities provide a "jump start" college experience for American ethnic minorities and first generation population that benefits their members and the entire hall community.

South's location near the fitness center and dining centers create an opportune environment for the entire collegiate experience of connecting, socializing and learning.

These images showcase the living areas in South Hall.

South Hall Entry South hall kitchen space South Hall laundry South Hall basement lounge South Hall room with lofts down. South Hall mattress on lower level of loft. South Hall closet & dresser South Hall is part of the First Year Experience.
south-4 south-1 South Hall Kitchen South Hall Laundry south-5
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