Red Cedar

RC Address 2

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Red Cedar Hall provides suite-style living for juniors and seniors on North Campus as part of the Next Experience. The temperature-controlled suites offer an independent living option with single bedrooms (3 or 4), a common living space, kitchenette, and a shared bathroom facility.

Additionally, perks of Red Cedar include connecting with neighbors when using the floor kitchen/lounge or floor laundry room, utilizing the convenient bus stop outside the front door and enjoying the building's open design.

These images showcase the living space in Red Cedar. 

redcedar1s redcedar2s redcedar3s redcedar4s redcedar5s redcedar6s redcedar7s redcedar8
redcedar1s redcedar2s redcedar4s redcedar6s RC Vending and game area.

 Red Cedar Hall is named after the Red Cedar River located near the building.