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"Pretty much at the corner of everything."

Energetic… Friendly… Collaborative…Hansen|Keith (HK) residents describe themselves as the type to jump right into action from their little corner of Stout. First year residents enjoy living with other students from arts and sciences programs. You'll find groups of students working on creative projects throughout the building.

Residents can look forward to adding their experience to HK & MC's rich history which includes that of former resident and current Chancellor Robert Meyer.

Hansen|Keith(HK) and Milnes|Chinnock(MC) are considered a building complex and often referred to as "HKMC."

These images showcase the living spaces in Hansen|Keith & Milnes|Chinnock (HKMC).

Lobby area in HK & MC Kitchen area in Keith. Basement lounge & study area. Laundry area. MC Catwalk lounge and study area. Front Desk of HK & MC halls. hkmc-5large HK & MC are part of the First Year Experience.
hkmc-1 hkmc-2 hkmc-4 HK & MC Lofted Bed-13 levels Catwalk lounge in MC
H.M. Hansen taught wood-working and cabinetry for 40 years.
Floyd Keith was a 38-year instructor of welding and sheet metals.