Curran Kranzush

CK Address 2

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"Loved people-watching in the heart of campus."

Curran|Kranzusch(CK) residents relish being in the middle of it all from classrooms & meals to recreation. First year residents connect with hall-mates from science, technology and math programs—knowledgeable friends are GREAT for late night study sessions.

Residents can look forward to utilizing the large basement kitchen and meeting rooms for connecting, socializing and learning right down the stairs or elevator.

Curran|Kranzusch(CK) and Tustison|Oetting(TO) are considered a building complex and often referred to as "CKTO."

These images showcase the living spaces in Curran-Kranzusch Hall.

ckto-kitchen area ckto-room with loft lowered. ckto-7 Front desk of CK & TO Basement lounge space. Laundry in CK & TO. CK & TO room with lofts up.  Lofts have 13 levels. Kitchen space in CK & TO.
CK TO Front Desk ckto-2 ckto-5 ckto-4 Room in CK or TO.
Frederick L. Curran graduated from Stout in 1921 and then served 32 years as a faculty member.
Ray F. Kranzusch worked as a professor of radio, electrical work and auto-mechanics at Stout.