Atrim Froggatt McCalmont

AFM Address 2

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"From LAN tourneys to volleyball, the guys on my floor were

 a lot of fun, so smart and wicked funny, too."

Antrim | Froggatt (AF) residents can look forward to an academically-enriching environment complete with interesting activities and deep, late night conversations. Students who live here enjoy the benefits of having the Honors Living and Learning Communities for both for first and second year students.  

First year students live in Antrim | Froggatt (AF) on single gender floors, whereas McCalmont, renovated in 2014, provides co-ed-by-room floors for second year students. The complex is often referred to as AFM.

These images showcase the living spaces in Antrim|Froggatt|McCalmont.
AF Kitchen AF Laundry AF Basement AF Basement AF Basement McCalmont Basement Area Lofts higher level-13 levels available. McCalmont Room
AF Basement Kitchen Study lounge Lofts McCalmont Basement Area
Sara Keturah Antrim was the Director of Women's Physical Education for 28 years.
Lillian M. Froggatt served as Stout's Head Librarian for 32 years.
Mary McCalmont taught chemistry on campus from 1912 to 1952.