Erin Hall-Rhoades, M.D.

Title: Medical Director & Physician
Education: B.A. in Psychology, Oberlin College; M.D., University of Vermont
Medical Interests: Student Health, Management of Chronic Medical Conditions in Young Adults, Mental Health Evaluation and Treatment, Dermatology, LGBTQ Issues, Women's and Men's Health, Procedural Medicine, and Contraceptive Management

"Dr. Rhoades"

Why Do You Enjoy Working at SHS? "I've worked in the field of student health for the past 5 years. I love this work! Students are awesome, their medical problems are interesting, and I enjoy helping students negotiate their own health care within a sometimes complex medical system."

Oddest Fact About You: "I can do a really cool card trick."

Favorite Place Traveled To: "So many favorites! Probably Wales, Ireland or Paris."

Hometown: Wausau, WI