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How can I avoid delays in getting my paper approved?

  • Triple check your title and abstract pages for misspellings and for correct grammar.

  • Make certain that the name of your degree is properly listed on the title and abstract pages.

  • Make certain all of the items that are cited in your text appear in the Reference list.

  • Use the correct format for references to electronic materials.

  • Follow the format for the abstract exactly as it appears in the template. Include the descriptors below each line, e.g. below the line on which your name appears, include the following (Author) (Last Name) (First Name)

How do I change from a Plan A to Plan B Paper?

Step 1: Adviser Assignment
Complete a new Appointment of Research Adviser/Chair and Committee form [PDF] and be sure to check the box to indicate that it is a change of research adviser. Note that you will be using the section for the assignment of the adviser for the Problems Course rather than the section for the 6 credit thesis.

Step 2: Registration
If you have not yet registered for the Plan A, or if the registration has expired, simply do a normal registration for the course after the adviser appointment has been approved.

If you have an active I or IP for the Plan A course, you can request the Registration and Records Office to change the appropriate number of those credits from the Plan A to the Plan B course number by completing a program change form (drop/add card) and have your research adviser write a memo to accompany it. If you have questions about the process or what should be in the memo, contact the Registrar.

What are the deadlines for my research project?

Go to the "Graduation Information" page. Then select the semester that you intend to graduate to view the deadlines.

How do I register for my research project?

Go to the Research Guide and click on the "Register" tab. Please note that you can not register for your research credits until an Appointment of Research Adviser Form [PDF] has been completed and turned into the Graduate School.

How do I submit my research project?

All research papers are submitted electronically to Amy Corr at More details, go to the Research Guide and click on the "Submit" tab.

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