Graduate Education Committee

2014–2015 Meetings and Curriculum Submission Schedule

A PDF containing an agenda, minutes and associated materials will be linked from the meeting dates below as they become available.

Reminder: All graduate course and program proposals must be approved by Graduate Education Committee (GrEC) prior to review by CIC.


Meeting Date

Submission Date


Wednesday, Sept. 10 Tuesday, Sept. 2 STUC Willow/Walnut
Wednesday, Sept. 24 Monday, Sept. 15 STUC Willow/Walnut
Wednesday, Oct. 8
Monday, Sept. 29 STUC Willow/Walnut
Wednesday, Oct. 29
Monday, Oct. 20 STUC Ballroom C
Wednesday, Nov. 12 Monday, Nov. 3 STUC Willow/Walnut
Wednesday, Dec. 10 Monday, Dec. 1 STUC Willow/Walnut
Wednesday, Jan. 28 Tuesday, Jan. 20 STUC Willow/Walnut
Wednesday, Feb. 11 Monday, Feb. 2 Price Commons Rm 144/146
Wednesday, Feb. 25 Monday, Feb. 16 STUC Willow/Walnut
Wednesday, March 11 Monday, March 2 STUC Willow/Walnut
Wednesday, March 25 Monday, March 16 STUC Willow/Walnut
Wednesday, April 8 Monday, March 30 STUC Badger Room
Wednesday, April 22 Monday, April 13 STUC Willow/Walnut
Wednesday, May 6 Monday, April 27 STUC Willow/Walnut

During the academic year, Graduate Education Committee meets from 1:25 p.m. to 2:20 p.m. if necessary.

College Deans’ offices should submit electronic copies of graduate course and graduate program proposals via email to Jeanne Stoeklen ( in the Graduate School Office by the submission date for inclusion on the Graduate Education Committee agenda. Please call x2211 if you have any questions.