Applying for Graduate Faculty Membership

Requirements for Application

In accordance with Graduate School policy, UW-Stout Faculty, as well as Academic Staff, can become members of the Graduate Faculty through a process of application and appointment. Candidates apply directly to the Graduate School. Education Preparation Code, Faculty Rank, and other criteria are considered in the appointment process. Membership criteria include:

  1. Expertise in a discipline(s) related to one or more of the graduate majors offered (which includes the candidate's program).

  2. Participation on a regular basis in graduate education through teaching, advisement, research/scholarship, and/or participation in committees that have an impact on graduate education.

  3. An Educational Preparation Code appropriate to the program served: Code 1, 2, or 2 for a Master's program, and Code 1 or 2 for an Education Specialist program. (Completed code descriptions can be found in the UW-Stout Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited Appointee's Handbook. In general they are as follows: 1 = Ph.D. or Ed.D.; 2 = M.F.A., or doctoral ABD; 3= M.S. + 1-yr. graduate study, Ed.S. or equivalent, or 2-yr. M.S.)

  4. Faculty Rank of: Professor, Associate Professor or Assistant Professor; or  Academic Staff rank as determined appropriate by the Graduate Education Committee.

  5. Record of research, creative and/or scholarly activity in one's discipline(s) and and/or related to the program served.

  6. Expertise in one or more research methodologies.

To Apply:

  • E-mail the Graduate School at
  • Attach a copy of your curriculum vitae to the e-mail (see an example of how to format your vita)
  • Include the degree programs for which you are interested in serving as a research adviser (programs listed below for your reference):
  • MS in Applied Psychology
  • MS in Career and Technical Education
  • EDD in Career and Technical Education
  • PSM in Conservation Biology
  • MS in Construction Management
  • MFA in Design
  • MS in Education
  • EDS in Education
  • MS in Food and Nutrition Sciences
  • MS in Manufacturing Engineering
  • MS in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • MS in  Rehabilitation Counseling
  • MS in Risk Control
  • MS in School Counseling
  • MSED in School Psychology
  • EDS in School Psychology
  • MS in Technical and Professional Communication
  • MS in Operations and Supply  Management
  • MS in Training and Human Resource Development



  • Your request and curriculum vita will be reviewed by the Graduate Education Committee. Typically, the committee meets twice a month during the school year. The meeting schedule is on the website.
  • A letter is sent to you notifying you of the committee's decision.
  • In the event a request for membership is denied, the applicant may address any deficiencies and reapply to the Graduate School with subsequent review by the committee.
  • Students are permitted to register for their research papers once you have been approved as a graduate faculty member and given an adviser section number.