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 Emeriti and the Menomonie Phenomenon

The Art Department at the University of Wisconsin Stout had its beginning in 1965 when the then president William Micheels, determined that the University needed a vital art program on campus. They hired Orazio Fumagali from Duluth, Minnesota to shoulder the job of locating and hiring practicing artist to become an Art program"core." Fumagalli as appointed chairman, went looking for what he referred to as "young artist right out of school-guys who had just received MFA's and considered themselves artist." He and Micheels envisioned that this beginning would eventually grow and expand into a larger Art and Design department in keeping with the mission of the University to be one that fit an "applied" and professional model.

A number of the original group of hired active artist were recognized in the region and exhibited regularly at the "118 Gallery" in Minneapolis and became as the "Menomine Phenomenon." Among Stout's artist/teachers were Douglas Cumming, a strictly figurative painter, Charles Wimmer, both a sculptor and a painter, Todd Boppel, a painter, and Rob Price, a printmaker and painter. Cumming had first shown with the 118 Gallery" and a painting of his was sold to the renowned "Walker Art Center." Other members of the department in those early years showing work at this gallery and at other venues were Gerald Hanna and Richard Treiber.

The Art Department went on to thrive as a program including Art Education, headed for many years by local favorite artist/writer Bill Schulman. also included in the original studio "core" program were the areas of ceramics, taught by John Perri and Rob Wilson, and art metals taught by Thomas Gilbert and Ron Verdon. (Verdon was in fact a graduate of the Stout Art Department studio program who went for his MFA at Syracuse University and returned to Menomonie joining the faculty.) 

From these beginnings the program grew to be one of the most recognized, broad, and in-depth Art and Design programs in the country. From an idealistic and courageous vision came a realized dream. the exhibition at the present Furlong Gallery features the works by major figures from the very earliest days and by others who joined years afterward who have since retired from full-time teaching

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 Rock and Roll Damnation