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Plan Your Legacy Today

Your support matters! 

Every gift counts, every year. The one-of-a-kind opportunities our students have available at UW-Stout would not be possible without the generosity of donors like you.

With our 125th Anniversary upon us, alumni and donors are asked to lead the way in providing philanthropic support for UW-Stout. By making a gift, you are showing the university and its partners that you believe in what we do, and the education we provide. Choose your preferred way to show your support today:

Ways to Give

Give Now

If you'd like to donate now, you have several convenient options. You can donate online, call our toll free number, or mail us a check. For more information, click here >>

Endowed Gifts

An endowed gift provides permanent funding for the project or purpose of your choosing. The fund can be created in your own name or an honoree's. The annual payout for the Foundations endowments is currently at 3.5%. For information about endowed funds and minimum donations, click here >>

Stock Gifts

Gifts of long-term appreciated securities (securities held 12 months or more) have been considered the “best value” in charitable giving. Making such a gift to the Stout University Foundation not only provides a tax deductible gift equal to the fair market value of the securities donated, but also allows you to avoid capital gains tax on the increase in value of those securities.

To make a gift of stock/securities by an electronic stock transfer, please follow the steps in the attached form. If you have stock certificates, please call David Wiensch, Associate Director of University Advancement, Stout University Foundation, Inc. at 715-232-1151.  

Stock Transfer Instructions (PDF)

Honor and Memorial Gifts

You may wish to donate a gift in honor of a loved one, a retiring colleague, or a former mentor. These gifts can be directed to any area of the university you wish. To donate to an existing memorial fund, or to establish a new one, contact Jennifer Rudiger at RudigerJ@uwstout.edu or (715) 232-1151.

Corporate Matching

Many employers will match donations made to the Stout University Foundation by their employees. These matching funds could double or triple the impact of your original gift. Gifts of cash, and in some cases, securities are eligible for matching. When a gift is matched, the matched amount goes toward the same program that your initial donation supported. Many companies will not only match employee’s gifts, but also employee’s spouses, retirees, board members and others. Ask your employer if you are eligible.

Payroll Deduction

Available only to University of Wisconsin Stout employees, payroll deduction is a unique and convenient way to pledge your donation. Tax deductible donations are withdrawn each pay period. 

To authorize payroll deduction download the form below, fill it out completely and mail it to the address provided.

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form (PDF)