Bill Kryshak and sons
Bill Kryshak, with two of his three sons, Joe, left, and Andy,
likes to be outdoors when not in the classroom.


What’s new in your field?

The complexity of the financial world does not allow for a simple tax system so the thing about tax is that it is constantly changing. With these changes come the need for interpretation, and I am odd enough that I find that very interesting. Technology has allowed research to be done so much more efficiently, which I think is one of the biggest changes I have seen over the years.  

Why do you love teaching, especially at UW-Stout?

We do what we do very well at UW-Stout. Students keep me young — at least mentally — and I really enjoy seeing them grow into young professionals. I love to challenge them and see them meet the challenge, which they consistently do. 

What’s your favorite teaching memory, moment or student?  

The best memories for me are when students contact you thanking you for impacting their lives or career. They see why you did what you did and truly appreciate that you cared.

What’s interesting about you that your students might not know? 

While I teach classes that focus on financial data, my personal value system does not have wealth in the top five attributes of a successful person. I have a tremendous disdain for greed and for greedy people and companies that do not treat people properly and with compassion. 

If you could interview anyone, who would it be and why? 

Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan together in the same room. Both were chair of the Federal Reserve and are considered brilliant yet they approached their roles quite differently. I would love to ask “why” for policies they supported, enacted or did not support. 

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Title: Associate professor, department of business, College of Management

Teaching focus, expertise: Tax and business finance. My research interest is with tax, estate planning and business valuation.

Background: This is my 28th year teaching at UW-Stout. I have a Master of Business Taxation from University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Mankato State University (Minnesota State – Mankato). I am a certified public accountant with inactive status because I have not practiced in public accounting for many years. For my college internship, I started an ice cream parlor in northern Wisconsin and kept it for 15 years. My first job out of college was with a CPA firm in Duluth, Minn., focusing on tax. The managing partner suggested I get a MBT in lieu of an MBA, and based on that advice I ended up at the University of Minnesota.

Family, hobbies: I am married to Mary Kay Kryshak, a speech therapist in a local school district, and we have three boys: Nick, who graduated in 2013 from UW-Madison; Andy, a sophomore at Bemidji State University; and Joe, a senior who is spending his senior year in high school in Germany. I enjoy cross-country skiing, hunting and fishing, while trying to stay relatively fit, and volunteering.


February 2014