Robert Fraher

Robert Fraher, who enjoys running, bicycling and juggling,
competes in a fundraising race for multiple sclerosis.

What's new in your field?

The new frontier in the field of interactive design is the ever-evolving intersection of mobile devices, social media and big data.

Why do you love teaching, especially at UW-Stout?

I enjoy teaching because I derive satisfaction from watching my students expand their knowledge and, thus, unlock their potential.

What’s your favorite teaching memory, moment or student?

My favorite teaching moment is every time I watch the spark of insight illuminate a student’s eyes. There is nothing like the feeling of helping someone expand their understanding.

What’s interesting about you that your students might not know?

A little-known tidbit about me is that I used to be a juggler and have performed throughout Europe and the States. Actually, I’ve recently started trying to dust off those skills. I’ve created a Vimeo channel to document my progress.

If you could interview anyone, who would it be and why?

If I could interview anyone, I would choose Lao Tzu (founder of Taoism) because I would be curious about how the seeming paradoxical tenets of Taoism might manifest in a conventional conversation.

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About Robert

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Assistant professor, department of design

Teaching focus, expertise: Interactive Design I, II and III, novel interfaces

Research Interests: My research agenda centers on exploring how interactive design and digital media can be used to facilitate individual expression and community involvement. For example, one project of mine,, considers how these ideas can be brought together to benefit design education.

Background: I have a Master of Fine Art degree in graphic design with an emphasis on interactivity from the University of Minnesota. I have both Fortune 500 and marketing agency experience. I have exhibited, published and presented research in the fields of graphic design, art, instructional design, interaction design and creativity.

Family, hobbies: Bicycling, running and juggling. My wife and I have a daughter and are expecting a son sometime this July.

May 2014