Food Processing Lab

Food Processing Lab (249 Heritage Hall) >>

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Food Processing Pilot Plant

Food Processing Pilot Plant (250 Heritage Hall) >>

List of Equipment

  • Seamer (Dixie, Model: UVD-29)
    • Dixie Canner
    • Seals cans
  • Air Compressor (Craftsman, Model: 919.167340)
    • 150 psi
    • 33 gallon
    • Used to clean parts of extruder
  • Groen Cook/Chill Insulated Cooker
    • 40 gallon
    • Insulated sides
    • Cooks and stirs liquids
  • Freezer/Blast Freezer combo (Traulsen, Model AHT132WUT & RIF 134HBF)
    • Large freezer on left
    • Two reach-in freezers on right
    • Steamer/Blancher (Dixie M-6)
    • Blanches produce with hot steam before canning
  • Benchtop Freeze Dryer (Labconco, Model: 77500-00)
    • Dries food by removing moisture with freezing
  • ·Countertop Marinade/Massage Unit (Lance, Model LT-5)
    • Pressure tumbler to infuse seasonings into products
  • Walk-in Cooler (Kolpak, Model: 18410-5)
    • Kolpak refrigerator
  • Retort Canner (Dixie)
    • Heat processes canned food with heat and pressure
  • Tiger 20 Bake Type Extruder (American Extrusion International)
    • Produces snacks by extrusion
  • Vacuum Sealer (Turbovac B.V., Model: SB320H)
    • Vacuum seals food in plastic
  • Mini Mill (Wiley, Model 3383-L10)
    • Mills samples with precision into smaller pieces
  • Rapid Distillation Apparatus (Labconco, Model: 65000)
    • Used in conjunction with micro Kjeldahl apparatus for determining micro quantities of protein/nitrogen
  • Electronic Balance (Mettler Toledo, Model: AE-160)
    • Accurately measures the mass (weight) of an object
  • Pellet Durability Tester (Gamet Mfg Inc.)
    • Predicts the amount of fines (breakage) produced by handing pellets of food before consumption by animals
  • Stand Mixer (Hobart H-600, Model: A200T)
    • Used for mixing, folding, beating, whipping and kneading food ingredients together
  • Electronic Weighing Scale
    • Accurately weighs samples and displays measurements digitally
  • Food Dehydrator (Harvest Made, Model: FD-200)
    • Used to remove moisture from a food product
  • Electronic Balance (OHAUS)
    • Weighs samples and displays digital measurements
  • Electronic Express Scale (Satorius, Model: EB 150 FEG-I)
    • Measures net weight, counting weight, animal weighing, totalizing, percent weighing, mass unit conversion, formula calculation and second tare memory
  • LabMaster Mixer (Lightnin Mixers, Model: Liu10F)
    • Controlled mixing of samples at high speeds
  • Visco,Amylo-Graph (C.W. Brabender Inst. Model: VA-VE)
    • Measures gelatinization properties of flour
    • Measures the enzyme activity of flour
    • Measures the influence of extrusion conditions onto the extruded product

Food Packaging Lab

Food Packaging Lab (132 Heritage Hall) >>

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Human Performance Lab

Human Performance Lab (423 Heritage Hall) >>

Equipment List

  • Bone Densitometer (Lunar/GE, Model: DPX – IQ)
    • Performs dual energy x-ray absorptionmetry (DEXA) scans
    • Measures bone mineral density and body composition
  • V-Max Metabolic Cart (Viasys Health Care)
    • Measures indirect calorimetry via a ventilated hood
    • Perform pulmonary function testing
    • VO2 Max testing via a treadmill study
  • Heart Rate Monitors (Polar, Models: M61, FS3)
    • Monitors the heart rate of a user over a period of time
Food Science Lab

Food Science Lab (371 Heritage Hall) >>

List of Equipment

  • Promylograph
    • Tests quality of flour
  • Muffle Furnace (Barnstead Thermolyne Corp. Model: FB 1315M)
    • Burns sample to determine percent of ash content
  • Vortex Mixer (Bio Rad, Model: 2000)
    • Used for stirring or mixing of liquid samples
  • Water Activity Meter (AquaLab, Model: 2TE)
    • Measures product quality by determining the water content, shelf stability
  • Multipycnometer (Quantachrome, Model: MVP-6DC)
    • Gas pycnometer for measuring skeletal volumes and densities of specimens
  • Accelerated Solvent Extractor (Dionex, Model: ASE 200)
    • Automated system for extracting organic compounds from varieties of solids or semisolids
  • Mega-Pure Water Still System (Barnstead, Model: A440267)
    • Produces high purity water
  • Steward Stomacher 400 Circulator
    • Programmable paddle laboratory blender
  • Microscope (American Optical Corp. 60 Series)
    • Used to view small microorganisms
  • Microcentrifuge (Bio Rad, Model: 16K 166-0602)
    • To centrifuge small samples and vortex
  • Gas Chromatograph (Varian-Agilent Tech. Model: Saturn 2100T)
    • Chemical analysis instrument to separate chemicals in a complex sample
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) (Agilent Technologies)
    • Quantifies individual components of mixtures
  • Convection Oven (Lindberg/Blue, Model: MO145405A-1_
    • Temperature control oven used for drying and/or moisture content determination
  • Test Sieve Shakers (Tyler, Model: Ro-Tap Rx-29)
    • Sifts granules coarse to fine sizes
  • Orbital Shaker (VWR, Model: DS 500)
    • Programmable shaker with rubber platform pad
  • Circulating Water Bath (VWR, Model: 1186D)
    • Digital temperature controlled water bath for cooling or heating
  • Water Bath (VWR, Model 1217)
    • Incubates samples at predetermined temperatures
  • Desiccators (Scienceware, Cat. No. 42071-000)
    • Used to dry and cool samples that are sensitive to the humidity in the air
  • Centrifuge (Thermo, Model: Centra CL2)
    • Separates samples based on density differences
  • pH Meter (Fisher Scientific, Model: AB 15+)
    • Checks the acidity of samples
  • Eppendorf Pipetter
    • Six assorted pipetters
  • Hot Plate/Stirrer (Fisher Scientific, Cat. No. 1152049SH)
    • Heats and magnetically stirs samples
  • Balance (Mettler Toledo, Model: AB204-S)
    • Weighs small samples to nearest 0.0001g
  • Electronic Balances
    • Accurately measures the mass (weight) of an object in various units
  • Stand Dispersing Unit (Kinematica Ag, Model: PT 10-35 GT)
    • Creates dispersion, emulsions, and suspensions of samples
  • Vacuum Oven (Fisher Scientific, Model: 281A)
    • Used for drying or baking samples at a preset temperature under vacuum
  • Heating Module (Reacti-Therm III, Model: 18830)
    • General sample incubation and evaporation for test tube and vials
  • GelAir Dryer (Bio Rad)
    • Used to dry polyacrylamide and agarose gels
  • Power Pac 1000 (Bio Rad)
    • Supplies constant voltage, power, and current for electrophoresis applications
  • Magnetic Stirrer (Sargent Welch Sci. Co.)
    • Magnetically stirs samples
  • Mini-Protein 3 Cell Gel Electrophoresis (Bio Rad)
    • Used for casing and running gels
  • Programmable Rheometer (Brookfield, Model: DV-III)
    • Measures the way a liquid or suspension flows in response to an applied force

Assessment Lab

Nutrition Assessment Lab (427 Heritage Hall) >>

Equipment List

  • Skin Fold Caliper (Beta, Model: 68902)
    • Used to measure body fat percentage
    • Used to calculate body mass index (BMI)
  • Cholestech L-D-X System (Alere)
    • Measures lipid profile
      • Total cholesterol
      • HDL
      • LDL
      • Triglycerides
  • Blood Hemoglobin Photometer (Stanbio lab Model: 3008-0031-6801)
    • Measures blood hemoglobin levels in an individual
  • Clinical Bone Sonometer (Sahara, SN: 03955)
    • Measures bone density in the heel bone
  • Body Composition Analyer (Tanita, Model: TBF-215)
    • Calculates BMI
    • Measures height, weight, body fat %, lean muscle mass, fat mass, and impedance
    • Estimates basal metabolic rate (BMR)
  • Diabetes Monitoring Kit (Roche, Model: AccuChek Aviva)
    • Measures blood glucose levels of an individual
  • CoaguChek System (Roche, SN: MD085187)
    • Monitors blood coagulation
  • Blood Lead Analyzer (Mafellan Diagnostics, SN: WLC06548)
    • Measures quantitative lead levels in the blood
  • Prothrombin Time-International Normalized Ratio (PT/INR) (Alere, Model: InRatio 2)
    • Monitors anticoagulation with vitamin k antagonists
    • Monitors clotting tendency of blood
  • Accutrend Lactate (Roche, SN: 00128736-394)
    • Measures exercising blood lactate
  • Diabetes Monitoring Kit (Roche, AccuChek Advantage)
    • Measures blood glucose levels of an individual
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring System (Bayer, Ascensia Breeze)
    • Measures the blood glucose levels of an individual
  • Diabetes Management System (MediSense, Precision Xtra)
    • Measures blood glucose levels of an individual
  • Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (The Medicine Shoppe, Model: 04-203-001)
    • Measure the blood pressure of a given individual
  • Semi-Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (The Medicine Shoppe, Model: 1100MS)
    • Measure the blood pressure of a given individual
  • Digital Aneroid Sphgmomanometer (American Diagnostic Corp. Model: 8002)
    • Measures the blood pressure of an individual (systolic, diastolic, an dpulse)
  • Fat Loss Monitor (Omron, Model: HBF-306C)
    • Measures body fat percentage and body msas index
  • Manual Aneroid Sphygmomanometer (Welch Allyn, Model: 5098-20)
    • Measures the blood pressure of an individual

Sensory Lab

Sensory Evaluation Lab (251/252 Heritage Hall) >>

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Food Technology Lab (230 Heritage Hall) >>

List of Equipment

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  • Imaging Technology Lab
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