M.S./Ed.S. Psychology Education Dean's Response to Review 2005-2006

Recommendation to the Coordinating Chair of the School of Education:

  1. There currently are ongoing recruitments for filling two Ph.D. tenure track vacancies with primary responsibility for instruction and advisement for the School Psychology program. These recruitments are vital to the future viability of the program, and the coordinating chair of the School of Education should receive support from administration in this effort to actively pursue a successful search.

    I fully recognize and support the need to hire two additional doctorate level tenure track School Psychology faculty members and am working closely with the program director, Search Committee, and dean to facilitate those hires.  The dean and I are in full agreement of the need for these positions and are directing resources toward filling those positions.

Recommendation to the Dean of the School of Education

The dean, in consultation with the coordinating chair and upper administration, should develop policies that would reduce the faculty load for school psychology faculty to nine credits and to reduce the teacher-student ratio to 1:10 in line with the accrediting body guidelines. Finally, the dean should work with the coordinating chair for the above mentioned recruitments, especially in light of the accreditation’s policy of having all graduate courses taught by faculty with a Ph.D. degree.

There are currently recruitment efforts underway to hire two faculty for the School Psychology program.  The plan for next year is to have 9-credit teaching loads for the three major School Psychology faculty members.  The teacher-student ratio will also be in line with accrediting body guidelines