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Front Row:  Carol Johnson, Deanna Schultz, Amanda Little, Lopa Basu, Glenda Jones, Eun Joo Lee, Back Row:  Adam Kramschuster, Forrest Schultz, Kathleen Deery, Kevin W. Tharp, Anne Kerber, Eric Brey, Amanda Barnett, Petre Ghenciu (Chair), Ana VandeLinde, Bryan Beamer, Marlann Patterson, Kevin Drzakowski, Gene Gutman, David Ding, Robert Fraher, Glendali Rodriguez, Brenda Krueger, Virginia Lea

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Chapter 36

Chapter 36 of the Wisconsin Statutes directs the faculty and academic staff to determine its own organization to participate in institutional shared governance.

Faculty governance has traditionally played a strong role on the University of Wisconsin-Stout campus (see History). The faculty senate actively participates in institutional policy development. It is the primary governing body for the faculty on campus and is an organization through which the faculty can assert their primary responsibility for all academic and educational, as well as faculty personnel matters. Our Chancellor has demonstrated a commitment to strong faculty governance, the success of which depends upon the administration's openness to listening to and consulting with the faculty, and the faculty's willingness to participate. Faculty members are encouraged to contact and consult with their Senators on issues of concern, and also to attend the Faculty Senate meetings.

All Faculty Senate meetings comply with the Open Meetings Law [PDF] (Sections 19.81-19.98 of the Wisconsin Statutes). This law recognizes that keeping citizens informed about governmental affairs is essential to maintaining a democratic form of government and protects the public's right to full and complete information about most governmental activities. The law requires that, except in limited circumstances, every meeting of a state or local governmental body be open to the public.

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Room 11 Harvey Hall

Faculty Senate Officers

(all terms begin on August 25)

Petre (Nelu) Ghenciu, Chair
Ana Vande Linde,  Vice Chair
Kevin Drzakowski, Secretary

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