Educational Activities Committee Membership

FASLA Handbook pages 2-16 to 2-17, September, 2003

The committee shall consist of 16 members as follows:

Faculty Senate Appointments

4 faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate (does NOT have to be a senator-must only be a faculty member) and 1 academic staff member elected by the senate of academic staff.


  • Anne Antonippillai 2013
  • Suejung Han 2014
  • Amanda Little 2013
  • John Dzissah, 2015
  • Pamela Holsinger-Fuchs, Academic Staff 2014

Faculty-elected Membership

6 faculty of academic staff members, one each from College of Human Development, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Technology, Engineering and Management, School of Education, Library Learning Center, and Student Services, elected by the faculty and academic staff of their respective groups.


  • CAHSS, Amy Fichter 2014
  • CEHHS, Barbara Flom 2013
  • COM, Howard Samb 2013
  • CSTEM, Wan Bae 2014
  • RSSLC, Vacant 2015
  • SS, Denise Goers 2013

Other Members

  • 1 administrator appointed by the Chancellor: Joan Thomas
  • 1 Ex-Officio, non-voting member from the Provost's Office appointed by the Provost: Vacant
  • 1 Ex-Officio, non-voting member from the Registrar's Office appointed by the Provost:  Scott Correll
  • 2 students chosen by the Student Senate. May serve 1 to 3 years. To be determined
  • Elected members will serve 3-year staggered terms. Quorum will consist of a majority of voting members.
  • Recording Secretary (cc):

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