Mission Statement

The University of Wisconsin-Stout Center for Applied Ethics (CAE) is dedicated to three broad programming efforts that align with the university's polytechnic mission, namely, curriculum development, professional development, and outreach.  These three efforts aim at (1) providing all UW-Stout graduates with a substantive ethics experience integrated into the professional programs and general education coursework and (2) maintaining an active schedule of events promoting ethical discussion and conduct in the university, community and region.

This mission will be accomplished through:
Curriculum and professional development activities such as Ethics across the Curriculum instructor workshops; consultations with individual instructors or departments to improve ethics instruction in courses; and research assistance about ethics related topics.

Outreach activities such as hosting individual speakers, panel discussions, workshops and conferences; consulting with businesses and non-profit organizations; and providing resources for ethics education. 

The Center is active in promoting ethics in the curriculum, professional development related to ethics, and outreach activities.

The ethical objectives promoted by The Center include: 

  1. Stimulating the moral imagination. 
  2. Assisting recognition of moral issues. 
  3. Teaching how to analyze and apply moral concepts and principles.  
  4. Encouraging responsibility; personal, civic, societal and professional.  
  5. Teaching others to understand, respect and reason about ethical disagreement or  uncertainty; especially in regard to multicultural and global differences.