Center for Applied Ethics

The UW-Stout Center for Applied Ethics provides services and resources that enable students to become ethical leaders and role models. 

First, ethics education is instruction and exploration regarding the meaning and application of values and priorities.

Second, ethics education should strive to:

  1. stimulate the moral imagination.  
  2. help people recognize moral issues.  
  3. teach people how to analyze and apply moral concepts and principles.  
  4. encourage responsibility, whether personal, civic, societal or professional.  
  5. teach people to understand , respect, and  reason about ethical disagreement or uncertainty, especially in regard to multicultural and global differences.

Third, a variety of methods may be used, including assigned readings, lecture, class or small group discussion, group and/or individual projects, reflective or research-oriented writing assignments, service learning activities, and guest speakers. 

Fourth, students learn best served when they are provided with conceptual tools or a framework for making responsible choices and creatively meeting life’s many ethical challenges.

Fifth, instructors should attempt to design curriculum and pedagogy with some awareness of empirical research on human moral development.

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