Katelyn Buss 

Katelyn Buss, Senior

Major: Psychology

Katelyn is majoring in psychology at UW-Stout. Starting in high school she discovered an interest in psychology when she took a couple classes. Learning about people and cultures was something she found really interesting. The ethics courses helped her develop more skills for this field. She explained that the courses help people understand the difference between what you can do and what you should do, and how to interact and treat patients. Over the past four years Katelyn has completed an internship, an ethics certificate, and in May she will have received an undergraduate degree in psychology. Moving forward she wants to receive her masters degree in school psychology and use that degree in an elementary school to help kids.


Andrew Busse 

Andrew Busse, Senior

Major: Psychology

Andrew decided that getting an ethics certificate was right for him because it directly related to his chosen major.  With a phycology major a lot of the classes overlapped with the ethics certificate.  He explained how it was more then that for him though. He deeply cared about interacting with his future patients, and how the ethics classes on campus really focused on how to do that.

Helping people was always a top priority for Andrew, even before he knew he wanted to go into phycology. Andrew always looked up to his Uncle Rick who was a teacher. He worked multiple jobs to make ends meet, but never lost passion for teaching. As an adolescent Andrew knew he wanted to feel this passion so he applied to UW-Stout to become a teacher. However he quickly learned that the passion his uncle felt about teaching he actually felt about psychology.