Center of Applied Ethics

Center Mission

The Center's primary mission is to increase &enhance ethics across the campus community through:

  • Undergraduate Certificate
  • Workshops
  • Consultations
  • Ethics Scholar Program
  • Master's Student Thesis Advisement
  • Grants &Research Participation
  • Mentoring
  • Research Opportunities


In 2007, anonymous friends of the university concerned about scandals and corruption in the modern society provided funds to create a Center for Applied Ethics at UW-Stout. Living by sincere ethical principles is a serious challenge in today's fast-paced, hyper-competitive, global work and live environment and the center's focus on applied ethics is a response to that challenge and a perfect fit with UW-Stout's "hands-on, minds-on" tradition and polytechnic designation. Specifically, the center promotes education and ethics outreach that:

  • Stimulates the moral imagination
  • Helps people recognize ethical issues
  • Provides the skills to analyze and apply ethical concepts and principles
  • Encourages personal, civic, societal, and professional responsibility
  • Helps people understand, respect, and reason about ethical disagreement and uncertainty, particularly in the multicultural, global environment of the 21st century

Center Services

Opportunities offered at the UW-Stout Community:

  • Ethics across the Curriculum Workshops
  • Course Development Guidance: Receive assistance with infusing ethics across the curriculum
  • Workshops on Ethical-Decision Making: Using ethics case studies, research ethics, and organizational ethics.
  • Presentations to groups or classes on ethics-oriented topics
  • Consultation with departments or individuals
  • Professional ethics literature available for review
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Ethics