UW-Stout is committed to an environment where students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds can thrive and fulfill their academic, personal, and professional potential. We value the contributions and creativity of everyone who works, teaches and learns here.

What you can do right now

Instructors ask your students any of these questions: 

  • With the events of the past few weeks, what has changed for you? 
  • What have you seen or heard other people feeling that has changed?  
  • What things that Stout has done have helped you appreciate Stout as an inclusive community? 
  • What are you anxious about and hopeful about? 
  • What else could Stout do to improve people’s feelings of safety and inclusiveness?

Then email a screen shot of responses on the board to thomask@uwstout.edu or collect their anonymous written responses and send in campus mail to 441L Harvey Hall (Kate Thomas).

Campus Actions

Add your event to the campus calendar and daily emails 

In the Planning Stages

Email the contact person for more information or to get involved.

  • SHIFT: will tell the stories of "shifts" in thinking associated with diversity and inclusion on campus; contact Jennifer Lee at leejenn@uwstout.edu
  • Kingian Nonviolent Training and Spring Break in Selma: contact Jim Handley at handleyj@uwstout.edu
  • Diversity Leadership Coalition: contact Dr. Leni Marshall at marshallel@uwstout.edu