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Creating and sustaining a community of diverse individuals at all levels of our organization is a central goal for the UW-Stout community. We recognize the intrinsic and instrumental value of diversity and seek to increase the proficiency of our community members at navigating an increasingly diverse regional environment, at welcoming diversity into our university, and, as a university community, fully participating in the increasingly diverse global context of the 21st century.

  • DBT and IE: The Diversity Bridge Team is charged with carrying out Inclusive Excellence, a UW System planning process aimed at creating a set of initiatives to achieve an integrated set of goals surrounding diversity.
  • IDI, IDC, and SHIFT: The Intercultural Development Ambassador is charged  with offering the Intercultural Development Inventory and presenting the Intercultural Development Continuum. The Intercultural Development Continuum traces the ability to shift perspective and adapt behavior in recognition of complex cultural similarities and differences. SHIFT workshops present various aspects of the IDC and can be taken in any order. The introductory workshop, Start Some SHIFT, is required to take the IDI.
  • SILC: The Stout Inclusive Leadership Coalition is charged with bringing together campus and community leaders with diversity expertise to strengthen inclusivity on campus and in the local community, to identify current needs, and to collaborate on programming.
  • Awards: The State of Wisconsin, the UW-System and  UW-Stout offer awards to recognize individuals and groups that promote diversity, inclusion, and equity.
  • Campus Diversity Resources