SBDC Prototyping

What’s a ‘Written Prototype’?!

                A ‘Written Prototype’ can be made with a pencil, paper and a minimal amount of your time.  Its purpose is to identify the flaws in your idea early in the process, before you’ve invested significant money, and while it’s still easy to improve your idea.  It is absolutely the FIRST thing you should do with your idea.  Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of moving ahead with their idea without a ‘Written Prototype’.  Let’s break that trend!
When your written Prototype’ is complete, you can test it with potential customers.  Let them read it, then pay attention to their responses.  You will learn what benefits of your idea people really like, probably something about your competition, and ways to make your idea even more appealing to paying customers.
Someone once said that a prototype never survives the first interaction with a customer.  Let that first prototype be a ‘Written Prototype’ and you will be in a perfect position to improve your idea (pivot) and develop a winner!  Want to develop a ‘Written Prototype’?  Contact us at the CID!”



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