Small Business Development


SBDC Specialty Center

UW-Stout Center for Innovation and Development (CID)

The CID is a specialty center of the Wisconsin Small Business Development Center network and is one of several entities of the Stout Technology Transfer Institute. CID provides a broad range of product development services for inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses anywhere in Wisconsin.  In simple terms, the CID helps Improve, Communicate and Commercialize GOOD ideas!

Main Services:
  • Idea Assessment
  • Product Development & Prototyping
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Business Development and Incubation
  • Federal R&D Grant Development (SBIR/STTR)




  •  If you can’t communicate your idea to others, you have zero chance of success. Most product ideas are better communicated with, a physical representation (model, prototype, etc.) or digital design and graphics. 

You Make It:

  • You can gain access to the UW-Stout Digital Fabrication Lab, a _______ sq. ft. lab where digital designs become real objects through the use of laser cutters, rapid prototyping machines, routers, plasma cutters, mills and other computer driven machines.Training is required before access is granted.


We Make It:

We can do the building for you for a quoted fee. Or, we can connect you to local commercial prototyping services.

Conceptual Model Development
    • (A non-functioning model, used mainly to help you communicate your ideas)
Functional Prototype Development
    • (A prototype that performs the function.Often, several generations are needed.)

Regardless of who makes it, our materials and manufacturing experience will improve your product and make it more cost effective to produce.


Contact Information

University of Wisconsin - Stout - CID

278 Jarvis Hall

Larry Blackledge, Director
Phone: 886-880-2262