UDS consists of ten separate operations spread across six buildings on campus. Between our kitchen equipment, appliances, heating and cooling systems, and lighting, we are continually striving to make our energy usage as efficient as possible.

 Appliances and Equipment

In the past two years, UDS has invested in new equipment purchases and upgrades that have proven to be impressively energy-efficient.

  • New industrial dishwashers:
    • Price Commons: 130 gallons/hour vs. 450 gallons/hour
    • North Point: 90 gallons/hour vs. 458 gallons/hour
    • Hobart FT922BD dishwasher uses 168 fewer gallons per hour (444,696 less gallons of water per year!), and also reduces energy needed to heat the water.
  • Air-cooled vs. water-cooled air compressors have been implemented at all of our locations - seven at Price Commons and two at North Point.
    • At Price Commons alone, these save approximately 2,800 gallons of water per day!Focus On Energy Logo
We collaborate with Focus On Energy, a statewide 
Wisconsin program that incentivizes the purchasing
of energy-efficient appliances and equipment, to
continuously minimize energy waste.
  • We employ energy-saving variable-speed hood systems at North Point Dining which are actively responsive to live conditions.
  • Unit Managers post the start-up times on machinery to draw energy only when needed.

Memorial Student Center

In the 2012 remodel of the Memorial Student Center, concerted efforts were made to include sustainable initiatives throughout the building. Among a truly impressive list, some of these relate specifically to our dining operations:

  • New water softeners are so efficient they save over $1800 a year in salt expenditures, and provide consistent water quality to the kitchen equipment.
  • The wood floor in the Terrace is 100% reclaimed lumber.
  • The waste/recycling bins are made of 100% post-consumer recycled milk jugs.
  • The carpets, wall tiles, and booths in the Heritage Lounge all contain recycled content (including repurposed wood from the pre-remodel bowling alley!).
  • Tables in the Great Hall and Ballrooms are GreenGuard certified.
  • Lighting in Fireside Cafe and Skylight Market contains mostly LED and partially CFL fixtures.

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