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University Dining Service
160 Merle Price Commons
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Your Opinion Counts!

Commons and North Point Cafeterias offer a sample bar most weeks throughout the semester. This provides students the opportunity to try a new recipe and give their feedback on it. 


The Commons is open to the public but serves primarily students living on south campus. Here you will find unlimited servings of all items except entrees (seconds on entrees are available at an additional cost).These meals offer 10-15 entrée choices, many side dishes, a salad bar with over 100 items, cold cereals, milks, juices, soda and of course dessert.

Students on the Baseline Plan will find that this is the best financial and nutritional value for their dining dollars. Take advantage of the diverse menus in the cafeterias to maximize your on-campus experience!


In a hurry? You've got options to eat on the run: save money and reduce waste by using our Green To Go Reusable Container Program OR use a single-use compostable container for a nominal fee of $0.80. 

Cafeteria Dining Policies (learn more)

Hot food or liquid spills and broken china or glass can occur at any time. For that reason, Dining Services has adopted a code of "no shirt, no shoes, no service." We also request diners behavior to show respect for the rights of others.

Dining rooms at Merle Price Commons and North Point are not general meeting areas. They are designed to accommodate guests who are purchasing breakfast, lunch/brunch and dinner meals. All others will be asked to leave.

Dining Services reserves the right to refuse service for violation of conduct or dress codes.

Cafeteria Prices
*pricing effective Fall 2016

Block Plan
Breakfast $1.50 $4.25 $5.00 1 meal
Lunch $2.50 $6.40 $7.55 1 meal
Dinner $2.70 $7.00 $8.20 1 meal
*Special Meal prices may vary.