UW-Stout Online Staff

Doug Stevens, Director
715.232.5269, Voc Rehab 140G

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Doug acts as an advocate for systematic coordination of customized instruction programs within the university, as well as serving as Customized Instruction liaison with the other campus service areas (i.e. library, student business services, advising, and registration). As Director of Stout Online, Doug, manages all personnel, programs, and budgets for Stout Online.

Amy Gullixson, Program Manager     
715.232.2253; Voc Rehab 122 

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Amy works collaboratively with staff, faculty, program directors, and administrators for the customized instruction courses and programs in the College of Education, Health and Human Science and the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science. She provides advisement and support to students, faculty, staff, and program directors on all matters related to Customized Instruction.


Heidi Rabeneck, Program Manager
 715.232.1367, Voc Rehab 114

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Heidi collaborates with program directors, department chairs, and administrators for customized instruction programs in the College of Management and the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. She provides support and advisement on all matters related to customized instruction.

Sandy White, Program Manager
715.232.1610, Voc Rehab 140E

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Sandy works closely with the deans, department chairs, program directors and faculty in all UW-Stout colleges managing courses, staffing, marketing, and other needs in support of the Credit Outreach programs. These professional development programs may be delivered via distance, on-campus or at off-campus locations. She also provides management services for some customized instruction degree programs, certificates and certifications in College of Education, Health and Human Sciences (CEHHS) and the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CSTEM). Sandy works collaboratively with UW-Extension Collaborative Language Programs (CLP), UW-Stout College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) and Office of International Education to offer Chinese and Russian courses at UW-Stout via interactive television.

Julia Tronnier, Online Student Services
715.232.5440, Voc Rehab 140F

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Julia collaborates with faculty and staff across campus to coordinate the General Education courses available through Stout Online.She also works closely with Program Directors and students in three online Bachelor degree completion programs facilitated by Stout Online; providing advisement and support.

Mandy Wolbert, Adult Student Services Coordinator
715.232.5623, Voc Rehab 158

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Mandy works in cooperation with program directors in the College of Management online programs: BS Golf Enterprise Management, BS Management, MS Construction, and MS Training and Human Resource Development. She offers orientation, advisement and support to current and prospective students on all matters related to customized instruction; as well as develops and tracks recruitment and retention efforts.


Sara Anger, Adult Student Services Coordinator
715.232.5482, Voc Rehab 140A

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Sara collaborates with program directors in providing advice and orientation to students in the customized instruction programs of ICT, ET-Mechanical Design, ET-Production Operations, Manufacturing Engineering, Bachelor in Applied Arts and Sciences, Professional Communication & Emerging Media, M.S. ICT, M.S. Manufacturing Engineering, M.S. Operations & Supply Management, M.S. Technical & Professional Communication and P.S.M. Conservation Biology. In addition, she tracks customized instruction student recruitment, retention and completion data. Sara manages Stout Online's social media and is editor of the e-newsletter.

Jamison Patrick, Instructional Designer
715.232.5501, Voc Rehab 112

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Jamison is an instructional designer for College of Management (COM) Customized Instruction (CI) courses and UW-Stout Online. He works one-on-one with faculty to build course components, develop program-specific assessment measures, and ensure all COM CI courses, and Stout Online courses, are of quality and engaging.

Toni Burger, Office Management
715.232.2693, Voc Rehab 140

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Toni provides phone, mail and other office functions necessary to support the UW-Stout Online and Credit Outreach office. She also coordinates course resources for Customized Instruction sections.

Jackie Hasse, Budget Manager
715.232.5410, Voc Rehab 122

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Jackie manages the budget processes for UW-Stout Online.

Ann Zielieke, Instructor Support
715.232.2698, Voc Rehab 140

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Ann initiates, processes and tracks all documentation for instructor payroll including instructor contracts and payment, accommodation of instructor special needs, and instructor travel.

Nancy Kingsbury, Curriculum Management
715.232.2636, Voc Rehab 140

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Nancy is responsible for the overall coordination of customized instruction course set-up and maintenance activities in PeopleSoft.

Darci Ward, Registration Support
715.232.5167, Bowman 109

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Darci provides registration and records support to distance education, credit outreach and customized instruction students.

Cindy Johnson, Credit Outreach Support
715.232.5377, Voc Rehab 140

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Cindy supports the activities of the program managers.

Vicki Anderson, Registration Support
715.232.2485, Bowman 109

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Vicki provides registration and records support to distance education, credit outreach and customized instruction students.

Office Information

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday.

E-mail: de@uwstout.edu
Phone: 715.232.2693

Toll Free: 1-800-45-STOUT
Fax: 715.232.3385