Performing a Class Search for Customized Instruction (CI) sections

How can I find the courses that are reserved for CI students?

CI students have specific sections that are set aside for them each semester.  To find a list of these courses, follow the Class Search steps below.

1. From the UW-Stout home page, click on "Class Search."

Class Search image

2. You will then want to modify the following fields:

  • Change the term (if necessary)
  • Check the "Customized Instruction" box
  • Select a course subject (e.g. EDUC, INMGT)
  • Course number (if known/desired)
  • Course career (graduate or undergraduate). 

If you want to see all courses, whether open or closed (full), remove the check in the box next to "Show Open Classes Only."

Search for CI Sections

3. Click the "Search" button.
Search button

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