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Who is Stout Online?

At Stout Online, our staff is dedicated to the needs of online and distance instructors who teach customized instruction (CI) programs or courses. Currently, we provide support to students, instructors, program directors, and departments in the delivery of over 44 CI programs, certificates, and certifications. 

Who are our students?

Our students have been from over 36 countries and 45 states and are an average age of 37.5. They enroll in advanced, graduate, and undergraduate degrees, certificates and certifications, and coursework for professional development.

What is CI? 

Customized Instruction (CI) refers to specialized education programming designed for a specific population and delivered in a nontraditional manner.  The customized aspects of the instruction of these programs include populations served; assurance of course delivery; delivery methods; and delivery times & dates.

These programs are built to be self-sustaining; as such, CI tuition covers the entire cost of customized instruction (including payment of salaries, fringe benefits, and supplies), university overhead, academic support, and other related costs.

Thank you!

Thank you for working in collaboration with our department to teach a customized instruction (CI) course!  You are now an integral part of helping our students reach their educational, professional, and personal goals. 


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