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Online Instructor Best Practices


Preparing to teach an online course? In order to effectively teach online, and infuse quality teaching practices into the online environment, instructors may want to consider the following "best practices."

This information is chunked into five phases, so you begin with the online course basics - the first time you teach a course online - and enhance your course from there.  Additionally, each phase is divided into four supporting areas: Instructional Design, Instructional Strategies, Instructional Technology, and Course Environment, under which, each will have a number of checklist items listed.

More about the four checklist areas

Online teaching best practices are comprised from multiple areas within the online course experience; it's not just how an instructor teaches the course, but also how the course is designed, what technologies are used, and whether they are employed/deployed effectively, in addition to the environment created by the instructor.


Instructional Design Components

Instructional Design refers to the development of the online course site for the purposes of user efficiency/effectiveness, student appeal, and student achievement of content knowledge.

Instructional Strategies Components

Instructional Strategies refers to the approaches an instructor may choose when teaching online to improve overall student achievement while/as a result of participating in course activities and assignments.

Instructional Technology Components

Instructional Technology, or Educational Technology, refers to the facilitation of e-learning tools (e.g., learning management system, applications, software) used to enhance the instructional strategies employed by the instructor in the online course.

Course Environment Components

Course Environment refers to both the learning management system (i.e., Learn@UW-Stout) and the tone/mood the instructor establishes within the course site for the students.

Ready to get started? Read more about the four phases by clicking on the tabs above.