Straight Forward

Positions: Telesales Advisor Are you a natural born people person? Do you always manage to get yourself out of trouble using your charm alone? If you've got the gift of the gab and could sell ice to the Eskimos then a career in telesales is calling you, so you better pick up the phone... So, what will I actually be doing? As a telephone sales advisor you'll be selling products and services mostly in the telecommunications industry by calling current clients. Working within a team of other sales advisors, your day will be spent mostly calling buyers and persuading them to purchase a product. It’s that easy. I hate mornings! We work from 11:30 am to 8 pm and flexible, part time hours are available. No need to get up at the crack of dawn. What do you want to be when you grow up? Want a career in sales? Then this is the place to start. Telesales advisor roles are where many sales professionals learn the ropes, and those who have worked and been successful in these positions are often highly sought after. From telesales you can move on up to become a Performance Leader, sales executive, manager or director. We promote from within! Money, money, money It’s why any of us work, right? We provide an hourly wage and have a great bonus structure and you can make a good living doing this job! The good... This job is not for those that like to work alone, there is always something going on and can be noisy and chaotic. Very much a typical desk job, you'll be tied to the telephone and sitting at your workstation for long periods of time so it’s not a career for anyone who fears feeling office bound. Working as a telesales advisor can be one of the most exciting and rewarding starts to any career. The environment is vibrant, competitive and exciting. It is a very social environment with lots of opportunity to make new friends and meet new people. ...and the bad This job can be very results driven but successful people are well rewarded. If you can't handle rejection, this may not be the job for you. A lot of telephone activity needs to take place to communicate with the right people; therefore, even with well-targeted and professional sales approaches, there will be some frustrating days. We offer paid training, so even if you have no prior sales experience, you can be successful in this job. Come talk to us, you’ll be glad you did

Majors: Apparel Design, Apparel Development, Apparel Product Management, BS Apparel Design & Developmnt, Actuarial Science, Bioinformatics, BS Applied Math & Computer Sci, Business Management, Game Design, Information Assur & Cyber Sec, Interdisciplinary, Mathematics Education, Software Development, Biotechnology, BS Applied Science, Environmental Science, Interdisciplinary Science, Materials Science, Nanoscience, Preprofessional Study, BS Applied Social Science, Economics, History and Politics, Sociology and Anthrop, BS Art Education, BFA Art, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Multimedia Design, Studio Art, Animation, BFA Entertainment Design, Comics and Sequential Art, Digital Cinema, BFA Graph Des & Interact Media, Design, Interactive Media, BFA Industrial Design, BFA Interior Design, Art Metals, BFA Studio Art, Ceramics, Contemporary Sculptural Practc, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, BA-Apparel Design/Mfg emphasis, BA-Casino Mgmt emphasis, BA-Construction Emphasis, BA-E-Business emphasis, BA-Entrepreneurship emphasis, BA-Event & Meeting Mgmt emphasis, BA-Financial Services emphasis, BA-Golf Enterprise Mgmt emphasis, BA-Graphic Comm. Mgmt emphasis, BA-Hospitality Mgmt emphasis, BA-Human Resource Mgmt emphasis, BA-Information & Comm. Tech emphasis, BA-Int'l Business emphasis, BA-Marketing & Sales emphasis, BA-Military Science emphasis, BA-Pharmaceutics emphasis, BA-Property Mgmt. emphasis, BA-Quality Management emphasis, BA-Retail Management emphasis, BA-Risk Control Emphasis, BA-Service Mgmt. emphasis, BA-Supply Chain Management emphasis, BA-Technical Writing emphasis, BA-Training/HR Dev emphasis, BS Business Administration, BS Career Tech Ed & Training, BS Cognitive Science, BS Computer Engineering, BS Construction, BS Cross-Media Graphics Mgmt, BS Graphic Communications Mgmt, BS Dietetics, BS Early Childhood Education, BS Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technlg, Facilities, Mechanical Design, Nanotechnology, Plastics, Production Operations, Aquatic Biology, BS Environmental Science, Environmental Health, Land Resources, Plant Science Innovations, BS Family & Consumer Sci Educ, BS Food Science and Technology, Food Communications, Food Merchandising & Distribut, Food Packaging, Food Science, Food Systems Management, Art, BS Game Design & Development, Computer Science, BS Golf Enterprise Management, BS Health, Wellness & Fitness, Fitness Professionals, Health and Wellness Promotions, BS Hotel Restaurant & Tourism, Food Service Management, Gaming Management, Hospitality Management, International Hospitality Mgmt, Lodging Management, Property Management, Resort Development & Tour Mgmt, Tourism Planning & Development, BS Human Develpm & Family Std, BS Information & Comm Tech, Network, BS Information Technology Mgmt, BS Management, Industrial Management, MGMT Business Management, MGMT Human Resource Management, Quality Management, BS Manufacturing Engineering, BS Marketing & Business Educ, BS Packaging, BS Plastics Engineering, Applied Journalism, BS Prof Commun & Emergng Media, Digital Humanities, Technical Communication, BA Psychology, BS Psychology, Psych-Preprofessional Study: Pre-Law, BS Real Estate Property Management, BS Retail Merchandising & Mgmt, Buying & Product Management, Fashion Marketing, RMM Human Resource Management, Store Operations Management, Biology Major Certification, Biology Minor Certification, Broadfield Sci Major Certific, BS Science Education, Chemistry Major Certification, Chemistry Minor Certification, Earth and Space Minor Certific, Environmental Sci Minor Certif, Physics Major Certification, Physics Minor Certification, BS Service Management, BS Special Education, BS Supply Chain Management, BS Sustainable Management, BS Technology & Science Educ, BS Technology Education, BS Vocational Rehabilitation, Community-Based Rehabilitation, Criminal Justice, Independent Living Rehab, Individualized, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Recreational Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Technology