Positions: Students interested in business, customer relations, medical technology, and healthcare management will find opportunities at MEDITECH such as: Sales Representative, Marketing Representative, Client Training Specialist, Client Support Specialist, Software Developer, Computer Programmer Analyst, Quality Control Specialist, User Interaction Designer, and more.

Majors: Actuarial Science, Bioinformatics, BS Applied Math & Computer Sci, Business Management, Game Design, Information Assur & Cyber Sec, Interdisciplinary, Mathematics Education, Software Development, BS Applied Science, BA-E-Business emphasis, BA-Information & Comm. Tech emphasis, BA-Technical Writing emphasis, BS Business Administration, BS Computer Engineering, BS Game Design & Development, Computer Science, BS Health, Wellness & Fitness, BS Information & Comm Tech, BS Information Technology Mgmt, BS Management, BS Prof Commun & Emergng Media, Technical Communication, BA Psychology, BS Psychology, Biology Major Certification, BS Science Education, Chemistry Major Certification, Physics Major Certification, Biology Minor, Business Administration Minor, Chemistry Minor, Computer Science Minor, Economics Minor, English Writing Minor, Gaming Entertainment Mgmt Minor, Information & Comm Tech Minor, Mathematics Minor, Physics Minor