Emphases, subprograms, submajors, blocks, corollaries, tracks, and options will all be referred to as concentrations. There are two kinds of concentrations:

  1. Student-designed concentrations that are built from existing courses and utilize existing electives in the program. These concentrations are developed through the normal advisement process and do not need university or UW System Administration approval.

  2. Concentrations that are designed and approved by the university. These must meet the following criteria:

  • They are planned and designed by the faculty.

  • There are expressed outcomes or competencies that will be achieved through the concentration.

  • They are specialized studies that grow out of a broader field of study which must be a part of the university's program entitlement.

  • They require campus approval, following the format and process for program approval. Certification programs must also be approved by the Wisconsin State Department of Public Instruction (DPI).