Instructions for Submitting Curriculum Proposals for Review and Approval

Curriculum proposals must be submitted to the Curriculum and Instruction Committee for approval, including new degree programs, new minors, specializations or concentrations, professional development certificates, new courses, and any revisions or deletions of these items.  Deans' offices submit one original hard copy and one electronic copy of each proposal to Tricia Aspen in the Provost's Office.

When preparing materials for submission, please note the following:

  • All items are to be submitted to the Provost's Office through the Deans' offices
  • Submission deadlines are shown on the CIC Schedule
  • Approval from all other relevant committees is required prior to CIC consideration; change from prior committees must be forwarded to the Provost's Office for CIC
  • The proposer or a substitute is expected to present their proposal and address committee questions at each meeting
  • Additional materials may be required for AAAT, Graduate Education Committee, General Education Committee, department/college councils, and/or UW System Administration
  • Required documentation for each committee is found on specific committee web pages.