Exception to the Approval Process: One-Time Only Courses

In rare instances the associate vice chancellor gives temporary approval of a course. The dean of the college in which the course is housed will petition the associate vice chancellor to approve the course by exception. Course documentation must be complete and use the One- or Two-time only Curriculog proposal.

Exception to the process may be requested if a course will not be offered more than twice due to its special nature. In such cases, the Provost's Office assigns a reserved "x96" course number. The term "special course" applies in one or more of the following situations:

  • A course with content other than the usual type of offering in a department or unit proposing the course but within the mission of that department or unit and its ability to field the course.
  • A course that will be conducted, at the most, twice due to its special nature, the availability of certain faculty, or its ability to meet special requests for certain content on a short-time basis.
  • A course, experimental or exploratory in nature, that is offered on a trial basis before being submitted for permanent approval.

Exception to the process may also be requested for courses needing approval on short notice. In such cases, the following conditions shall apply:

  • Circumstances do not allow time for the request to be submitted through the normal process before scheduling.
  • The need for the course is valid and well documented.

If the request for the exception is approved, the following is stipulated:

  • The course may be taught up to two times.
  • To further offer the course, approval through the normal channels is required. If this is not done, the course reverts back to its original state or is discontinued.
  • The course will be reported as an item of information and record.


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