Interested in seeing what our labs look like? We have a slideshow of lab pictures.

IMac Computers and specialty photo equipment

Chemical Mixing room for various photograph labs

Individual print processing

Individual print processing

Individual print processing

Group Black & White print processing

Individual print processing

Group Black & White print processing

Photo print finishing

Color film and printing, 6 individual rooms, print matting, slide mounting

CT126 (Front) Graphic Communication Management (GCM)
Heidelberg Quickmaster 2 color offset press, AB Dick 9840 one color offset press, Challenge manual paper cutter, Kimoto polyester plate setter, laser printers. Lab mainly used by GCM141 sections

CT126 (Back) Graphic Communication Management (GCM)
Macintosh computer lab, 25 Macintosh computers, 2 scanners. Lab mainly used by GCM141 sections

CT130-Graphic Communication Management (GCM)
Screen Printing Lab, an exposure unit and vacuum frame, a pneumativ screen stretcher, 2 driers, 3 printing press, a four color and six color-shirt press and a flat bed press

Digital photograph, Macintosh computers, print and film scanners, ink jet printers


CT204-Graphic Communication Management (GCM)
Computer laboratory, Macintosh computers, Linotype scanners, HP laser printers, B&W & color, Dolev imagesetter for film output

CT219-Graphic Communication Management (GCM)
Press and Finishing laboratory, Heidelberg Speedmaster 4 color offset press, Heidelberg Quickmaster 2 color press, Allied Gear 6 color Flexography press, Schneider paper cutter, MBO folder, Mueller-Martini stitched-binder, ink testing

CT224-Marketing Education
Compaq & Macintosh computers

CT230-Technology Education
Micro and Gateway PC computers, woodworking, kiln numerical control

CT240-Graphic Communication Management (GCM)
Teaneck and Burgess exposure units, Matchprint processors, 3M plate offset printing plate processor, Anderson/Vreeland flexography plate processing, film stripping tables

CT242-Graphic Communication Management (GCM)
Linotype/Hell drum film scanner, Fuji Flatbed scanner, HP 9600 wide format inkjet printer, 3M Rainbow, Fuji First Proof, Kodax proofers, Web Press, Gravure and Flexography press simulators

CT242A-Graphic Communication Management (GCM)
Film processing for offset and flexography processes. Vertical process camera

CT242J-Graphic Communication Management (GCM)
Quality Control laboratory. Compaq and Macintosh computers and X-Rite densitometers

FH213-Telecommunication Systems
CCNA Laboratory. Students gain hands on experience with introductory networking theories and concepts. Theory and hands on applications are brought together in this lab.

FH213A-Telecommunication Systems
CCNP Laboratory. Students gain hands on experience with advanced networking theories and concepts. Classes include advanced networking, security, and wireless. Theory and hands on applications are brought together in this lab